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I highly recommend Kylie Van Gelder as a coach.  She is highly empathetic and insightful.  Our sessions together helped me to clear up many emotional barriers that I was not even aware existed.  I find my interactions with others now to be much more serene.  I am also much more relaxed during the course of a regular day.  Thank you Kylie!!!

Nadine, Germany

Kylie helped me to become more compassionate towards myself. Our work together created a new and more aligned and joyful foundation of my mindset. Her way of coaching is very including, supportive, and inspiring. I am grateful I connected with Kylie at the beginning of my journey as an independent business owner. Now I know that I don’t want to grow my business without that joy and compassion for myself and the process. Compassion is what needs to come first! 

Sophie, Sweden

How and where do I start explaining the journey we've been through, Kylie and I?

I came to you with one area in life that I wanted help with. However, thanks to your professional, supportive and loving guidance, we worked through several different deeply rooted beliefs in different areas that were connected within. I'm so grateful for all the tools you handed me, the emphatic guidance you provided and the strategies you gave me, which helped me reach my goals, both big and small. You made me feel safe enough to share and weed out all those secrets I've been holding on to for so long, the ones I was aware about, but also the ones I wasn't aware about. 
Thank you so much for everything, I feel like I can't thank you enough and I'll definitely get back to our coaching sessions again once my business is up and running.

Terese, Sweden

I started my day at 6:00 am for my first Life Coaching session with Kylie and in less than an hour she changed my full perspective on welcoming love and relationships! I allowed others to hold the pen to how I perceived myself and maintained years of a delusional image of how I wasn’t worthy of long term love. One question and she unravelled all of my beliefs and showed me that I convinced myself of a barrier that never existed. Now I hold the pen to my own story and it will be the best one yet. I highly recommend you reach out to her for more information on her services. Located in Netherlands and facilitates very comfortable zoom sessions.


Imagine a full day where you’re comfortable with your thoughts and no matter what situation you’re a personal cheerleader for yourself! Kylie's Life Coaching services offers exactly that and I’ve experienced first hand how she helps you find your personal narrative and bring down your personal barriers to Create Your Version of Happy! Can’t wait for our upcoming 6 week session, I’ve had a glimpse of the “best of me” and she’s pretty amazing.

Angie, Canada

Kylie, thank you so much for the coaching sessions we spent together, it came at the perfect time for me and you were able to support me through observing some old limiting beliefs that had resurfaced due to entering a new chapter of my life. You held such a professional, friendly, safe space for me to share and I felt heard and valued by you. Through you holding that space and allowing me to talk openly about where I was holding myself back, I was able to see things from a different perspective and I feel so much clearer and I feel empowered to move forward into this new chapter with ease. Thank you once again, it was an absolute pleasure to be coached by you.

Sarah, United Kingdom

I met Kylie a while ago, but it had been years since we last spoke. When we reconnected, I took this as a sign and an opportunity to work with a coach. Initially, I thought of coaching as a type of therapy. Boy was I wrong. Working with Kylie showed me how the stories I was telling myself were what was creating my reality. My own perceptions of what I thought others might be thinking were holding me back. Kylie gave me a space to share my story. I felt I could open up to her and express my fears and aspirations. For once, I learned to listen to me, my wants, what I need, who I am now and who I want to be. I feel I have more direction and the realization that I am capable as I am. It opened my eyes to a world of opportunity. Thank you Kylie.

Natasha, Canada

Kylie coached me for several weeks and it was a very pleasant journey to be on with her. I felt very supported, motivated and inspired by her, because of her positive outlook on things. She is a very involved coach who truly cares. She made me feel very comfortable in sharing my fears and she encouraged me to believe in myself. I left every coaching session feeling empowered and energized.

Merel, The Netherlands


Thank you so much for the session. It was very enlightening and it made me realize that I don’t have to do everything at the same time. The session also allowed me to discover that my mindset is actually quite strong and that all the work I've done is paying off. 

Kristal, London UK

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