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Kylie van Gelder

Life Coach | MSc Psychology | Podcast Host

Hi, I'm Kylie, a mom of two wild little miracles and a recovering perfectionist turned certified Life Coach. I support women who feel overwhelmed as a mom, so they can get more to life outside of motherhood. As a Life Coach, I aim to guide you back to who you truly are. You'll connect to what feels good to you and decide how you want to live your life.  


Like you, I spent years believing my excuses, neglecting my emotions, having a fear of judgement, people pleasing, and comparing myself to others on social media. I know all too well how this can negatively impact a woman's sense of self-worth. This is why I decided to take what I've learned to help other moms discover what it means to follow their dreams! After all, you're a human too and you deserve to enjoy life!


This is why I created the  Mama Needs More podcast. 

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Get More to Life Outside of Motherhood

Click below for your FREE session and let's chat about how we can work together. You're more than just a mom. You're a person and you deserve to live a life you love!


You're never too old or too stuck to make a change. You have the rest of your life to live Mama, so why wait to

Increase your self-confidence
Accept your fears
Set boundaries
Step out of your comfort zone
Let go of feeling overwhelmed as a mom
Take the pressure off
Build habits to suit your lifestyle
Discover what YOU need

It's so exciting when a mother realizes her value and focuses on creating a life she loves!

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