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  • Kylie van Gelder

COVID-19: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Many people are dead clear on whether or not they're getting the old jab in the arm when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccination. And rightfully so, to each their own I say.

The biggest part of the "to each their own" for me, though, mainly links to the nee sayers and if they've done proper research or just decided not to, because, for example, a Facebook algorithm popped an ad or fake news on their page saying the vaccine changes your DNA. But I guess the need for research is also necessary for the ones who say yes too.

In any case, I decided to write this article specifically for those sitting on the edge of not sure, hmmm, maybe I'll vaccinate, oh I don't know, my doctor says it's safe, but my neighbour knows a guy who knows a lady who knows someone who owns a hair salon who got really sick from the vaccine.

First, let me be perfectly clear. I'm a social scientist and I like to do my research before tossing any crap into my body. Ok, aside from wine, beer, pasta and the occasional steak (grass fed and local in case you're wondering) or pizza. Wait I've researched these too. Man, I can be such a nerd sometimes.

Anyway, that's me below after shot numero 2, bandaid and all. I'm not pro all vaccines, but I did get the COVID-19 one.

Now that we got that out of the way, here's the down-low on why I did the deed and got my 2 shots.

  1. There are less people dying right now because of the vaccine. It's really hard to argue with this fact.

  2. Travelling! I love travelling. Plus I'm a Canadian living in the Netherlands. I want to freely and easily visit my family without having to get a negative COVID-19 test before I step foot in an airport.

  3. The whole changes DNA thing is not right. Basically, how it works is part of the COVID-19 vaccine enters your cell, sure, but that's it. It can only enter your cell, for a short period of time. Within your cell, your DNA hides behind a concrete wall type thingie that the vaccine parts canNOT enter. So, no change to your DNA. Whoop! Whoop!

  4. Side note, if you're really so concerned about your DNA changing, you might want to stop eating bags of chips on the couch every night while watching Netflix and don't mass purchase frozen pizzas either. Too much junk food/garbage drinks can actually alter your biochemistry. In a nutshell, your biochemistry is responsible for repairing your DNA which can only happen through a nutrient rich diet (vitamins, minerals, etc.). Otherwise, eating junk all the time damages your DNA, because it can't get repaired when needed. Just sayin' from my perspectives as someone who's got a few nutritional creds under her belt and nerds out on reading.

  5. If you're still not convinced about the whole DNA part, let's just say all the scientists are wrong. Totally plausible. Nothing is 100% and yup, like all people, they've been wrong before. Then, who's to say the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't actually alter your DNA for the better? Maybe the next generation will develop some sort of X-Men superhero abilities. Honestly, if this is the case, I'll be pissed I'm not from the next generation! I'd love to walk through walls. Super cool!

  6. The vaccine doesn't stay in your body forever, so it's really hard to talk about long-term affects. The vaccine mainly pops into your body to say "Yo, immune system, I'm an invader" and your immune system says "Get the f%*k out!" It gets all hot and bothered, hence the possibility of a fever, which is a good thing. The more hot and bothered, the better for fighting the jerk that entered uninvited. And by kicking the tiny minuscule part of the COVID-19 virus that's in the vaccine out of your system, your immune system toughens up and sets up a stronger defence to kick out the next guy who tries to barge in like a wild unwelcome animal.

  7. The potential short-term affects of the vaccine, you know, like death or something. Yes, there's not denying this has happened and has been splashed all over the international news. Nothing is 100% safe. The likelihood of people dying is about 1 in 100,000, age, underlying issues and country dependent (likely because of underlying issues). Dying in a car accident is like 1 in 200-800 (country dependent). Dying while walking on the street is about 1 in 534. You even have a higher chance of choking on your food than dying from the vaccine. As I said, all numbers are country dependent like being shot is higher in the US than in non-pro gun countries. Actually, the rate of dying from the vaccine is somewhere between dying from being attacked by a dog and being struck by lightning. No joke.

  8. The big hype is around the unknown. The vaccine was developed so unbelievable fast. Like really, really fast, that it scares us. Naturally. This is perfectly normal. Before the vaccine was created, the industry spent billions of dollars and every expert in the field was working on it, immediately. It's like one day you decide to redo your backyard. If you did it all yourself, you'd be busy for a really long ass time. But if you invested some cash and hired a couple of good gardeners, you'd be sipping vino on your new patio overlooking your petunias within a week. The more money and expert hands on deck, the quicker things happen.

This is just my two cents about the topic and my reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. It has to make sense to you and it should feel right, regardless of what I or anyone else says. But, I do plead with you to make informed decisions and not solely based on social media or your best friend's dog groomer's sister-in-law. Although I'm sure she's quite nice.


For more information about the affects of he COVID-19 vaccines, speak to several professionals in the field, contact your local health care provider and speak to your local COVID-19 health line experts.

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